Tuesday, November 7 at 9:41 PM

some things i'm really wanting to do (hopefully sooner rather than later)...

-buy a house. and decorate it...paint, paint, paint...make stuff. call it home. like for real home--not a rental.
-travel somewhere fantastic. it's been too long.
-paint something i really love.
-buy a new vehicle. the good ole mr2 has been good to me, but it's time to move on i'm afraid.
-go camping.
-see an amazing live show in a superhuge stadium or amphitheater.
-learn how to really love.
-conquer the art of snowboarding.
-go out on a hott date with a hott man. yeah, i said it.
-get wisdom. get understanding. (proverbs 4:5)
-spend more time with the people i love.
-figure out a way to use this writing thing.
-see africa...at least some part of it.
-read the word from front to back (or finish, i guess).
-play in the rain. yeah, i know...but i just wanna.