random story.
Monday, November 27 at 8:16 PM

i don't know why...but it's my blog, so there you go.

when i was a kid i was totally crazy. never sat still. always on the go. seriously, ask my parents if i ever crawled. oh, no...not me. did i sit in a highchair? not so much. how about riding in a stroller? no way...in fact, they got rid of the stroller 'cause i would not sit still. (i know, those of you who know me are thinking "wow...really? but you're so laid-back and all now." it's kinda odd, i realize...but, nonetheless, totally true.) anyway, back to the story. i'm gonna give you all the details so you can fully comprehend what i'm about to tell you. other than being totally active and crazy, i was also blonde until about age 5. i had long blonde hair that my mom used to fix all pretty...rainbow barrettes, pigtails, pink rollers that i had to sleep in on saturday night so my hair was all fabulous the next day at church (preacher's daughters have to be fabulous like that--hahaha). okay, so...we all know that there is one day of the year when you have to look extra fabulous at church. fabulous new clothes--usually pastel. fabulous hair--i'm sure the rollers were in full effect. fabulous everything. hello easter. so, you've got me and my older brother all pimped out for this day. i think i was about 4 maybe...i don't actually remember this wonderful occasion...i've just heard the story enough times to get the good stuff. so, a 4-year-old me and my 8-year-old brother are chilling at the house with mom on easter sunday before church. i'm sure we'd done all the easter bunny goodness already. taken some photos in the new easter outifts. dad's the big guy at fbc and all...so he heads to church early to get himself all psyched up for the day when everyone comes to church (even people who never come to church). darren (that's the brother) and i are being awesome and saintly no doubt. he's probably reading a book or something, 'cause he was mr. sweet and quiet and bookwormish when he was young (really, we both have totally different personalities as adults--odd--but that's not the point). that's when i decided to make this particular easter one that my parents will never forget. i mean, if you're gonna be all dressed up...might as well make it worth it. right? good, i'm glad you agree. so, naturally, i did what all kids in my situation are dying to do. i marched my fabulous self outside and jumped into the plastic swimming pool in the backyard. seriously...can you think of a more awesome thing to do? i submit that you cannot. so there i am, in all my fabulousness...now totally soaking wet. i can't even imagine how ticked my mom was at that point. needless to say, dad got a call right about then to come home and help mom with the wacko daughter who just ruined her fabulous hair and easter dress (probably some white tights too).

there you have it. my random easter story. it makes me laugh.