Friday, December 15 at 12:43 AM

so, this birth(week) has just been full of surprises.

tonight, some beautiful friends took me to p.f. chang's for dinner. then we were heading back to angela's to watch a movie and eat cake...just chill. yeah. then we pulled up and i saw all the cars belonging to all of my most favorites. surprise! people been keeping secrets all over the place...i was totally clueless. for reals. and it was awesome.

tomorrow will be another day of surprises. more beautiful friends are blindfolding me and taking me to an undisclosed location. it's become a tradition for that i haven't been on the receiving end of until now. woohoo! i have no idea what we're doing...all i've been told is what to wear and what time i'm being picked up.

thanks friends...for the love. the laughter. the cake (both kinds). the smores. the egg nog. the all the other stuff that's tasty and wonderful. the cards. the sweet presents. the great conversations. the hugs when needed. the hugs when not needed, just wanted. the new tunes. the surprises. the unending support. the incredible encouragement. but most of all, thank you in advance for the many amazing things to come. as long as i've got you people to share it with, i'm good.