Saturday, December 2 at 9:20 PM

i feel like this last week has been one super-undeserved blessing after another. it's been filled with amazing friends, gifts, and randomness. here are some highlights:

-i bought a new (to me) car. and it's saweeeeet. it was so cool to see how God worked out all the details...that may sound stupid. i mean, it's just a car. but seriously, He took care of me.
-i got to see marc broussard live in athens with some fantastic people. the man is a freak. for real. such soul and funk and other words like that. all i can really say is "jump on it..." ha. ha. ha.
-i spent some qt with the one and only mere this week. sushi...yum. and the jockey lot. (that would be on 2 separate occasions, just in case you were wondering.) oh, and ihop. and turkey. and carpenter's cellar, which leads to another blessing this week...
-tara leigh played last night in downtown g-vegas...we made it for most of her show and then got to spend hours chatting with her afterwards. you know you're having a spectacular time with people when it's 1am and you have no idea where the last 2 hours went.
-we got the most awesome parking spot in the whole world while in athens.
-somewhere amidst the broussard and cobble goodness, lee introduced me to the peppermint mocha from starbucks. usually i hate anything even remotely coffeeish, but i love this stuff. go. try it. and then thank lee.
-angela, kylie, and i had the special privilege of hearing the story (or beginning at least) of aretha and gregory fort dork. all you really need to know is that it involves care bears, unicorns, rainbows, and a man who grows hair opposite of everyone else. man, i love the "hey, you should tell us a story" experiences. they do not disappoint.
-did i mention i got a new car? yeah, i thought so. but did i tell you it has heated seats? perhaps the greatest invention ever.

truly, it's been a week full of great times with awesome people. that's what has made each day special and meaningful and grand. good music is always nice...pimped out cars make the road more fun...but it's the conversations, laughter, and pieces of life shared with people i love that has meant the world to me these last few days. as cliche as it may be...i can honestly say that i am a better person, that i see (and look for) Jesus more, and that my life is a million times sweeter because of the people He has placed around me. i am so thankful for friends who really want to know me and who really want me to know them. so thanks peeps...you know who you are.