so hi.
Sunday, January 28 at 9:26 PM

it's been a while.

i know you're probably wondering what all the "i killed the blog" stuff was about...and that's okay. wonder is a beautiful thing.

rest assured that the time away was necessary and beneficial. i needed to take some breaths. live life. be messy. remind myself of some things i'd forgotten.

here's what i've got for you today...

"safe? of course He isn't safe. but He is good."
--c.s.lewis (the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe)

let that sink in for a minute. seriously, stop and think about the weight of those few sentences.

the reality of that statement has been resonating with me for the last few weeks. God is not safe. He has not promised me security, or ease, or a life free of risk and heartbreak.

but He is good.

whether His goodness brings me happiness or grief...He is still the same God who placed every single star in the night sky. He knows what He's doing.