Thursday, February 22 at 5:06 PM

i haven't really said much lately, huh? yeah, i know. i do think of things to say...but the combination of no (working) computer at home right now and life just being generally busy has not lent itself to the blogging. meh.

here's some random for jooooo:
*march 27th. mark it. matt wertz, jon mclaughlin, and stephen kellogg @ the visulite in charlotte. woo. this little booty's gonna be there. someway. somehow.
*so, you know my puter's dead. i thought my ipod was dead too. it was sadness there for a few days. then it magically sprang back to life. on the 3rd day? i'm not sure...but it might have been. hokay.
*i have decided that i definitely have the greatest roomie in the known world. i'm sorry if you are someone's roomie and you're thinking i must be mistaken. i am not. lili is just pure awesome. you should know her. you would agree.
*american idol is the only (current) show i watch on television. think what you must of's true. i mean, really, the dude from g-vegas sang a freakin' mutemath song the other night. goodness. and a few of the ladies straight laid it down last night. simon is my hero. carry on.
*life is good. really good. i know amazing people. i have incredible friends. jesus is real to me.
*i need to travel somewhere fantastic really soon. seriously. just see some beauty and enjoy breathing. note to self--must save money and make it happen.
*i think that's all for now. if you read this far, you must really love me or you must be super bored. i'm fine with either one.