Tuesday, March 13 at 11:48 AM

i'm trying to sort through everything in my head right now, so this post might not make sense or very possibly could sound way overdramatic. just so you know.

at the moment, there is so much weighing on my heart and mind that it's hard to focus on any of it or get a firm grasp on things. being insanely busy, i think, can be a blessing and a curse. this past week, it's probably been a blessing more than anything. unleash happens in less than 2 days. it's gonna be incredible. i don't think any of us really understand exactly why God has chosen to pour Himself out through our church, but we're all pumped to share it with leaders from across the country. to make His name famous. that's the motivation...that's the goal.

my mom goes tomorrow afternoon to have a fairly serious procedure done at the hospital. stress test results last week seemed to indicate that she has some degree of blockage in her heart. we'll know more after they go in and check things out...but there's a good chance they'll put a stint in tomorrow and she'll be recovering for a little while. again, your prayers are appreciated.

it's times like these when friendships/relationships tend to snap clearly into focus. you realize how much the people who support and love you mean to you. and, sometimes, you realize how much the absence of others just hurts. ah, life. that's the way it goes.

i'm gonna stop now.