Saturday, March 17 at 12:03 AM

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go check out lanna's photos for a glimpse into what went down at newspring yesterday.

all i can say is...our volunteers--our people--are simply incredible. they love jesus, they love newspring, and they love others. and it shows.

last night i woke up about 1am and couldn't go back to sleep (shocker!), so i started googling unleash to see what people were saying...and it completely confirmed what we already knew. among all the awesome comments about worlds being rocked, perry just saying it like it is, and God showing up, there was a common theme. seriously, 99% of the blog posts i read included some reference to being BLOWN AWAY by our volunteers! and yeah, i work with our volunteers, but i'm not telling you this stuff to pat myself or any of our staff on the back. newspring volunteers were the ones clapping and cheering for groups as they walked up to registration. they were the ones serving bbq to 900 people in a humongous tent (in an hour). they were the ones driving to the store and buying benadryl for conference attendees who needed it. i am so proud of our people and the bar that they set so high for other church leaders. they showed them all what serving in the local church can look like...a lot of fun!

not only did our volunteers go WAY above and beyond...they keep thanking us for the opportunity to serve! it's just insane. most of the 300 or so volunteers who made UNLEASH happen took a day off of work. and they busted their tails caring for people. and yet, at the end of it all...when they should be letting us thank them for the stellar job they did...they are sending us emails about how much they loved and appreciated the chance to serve. simply amazing. that's what true servants' hearts look like. i am humbled to be able to serve alongside all these amazing people.