to the mystery mower,
Tuesday, June 20 at 8:12 AM

thank you for cutting our grass yesterday.

you made two ladies smile (and wonder who the heck you are).

your kindness is much appreciated.



Tuesday, June 13 at 9:34 PM, whitney (one of the coolest people i know) and i went to moe's for lunch.

on the way there, right in front of the mall, traffic got a little heavy. i looked at this car on the other side of the road...

and i couldn't believe what i saw. i pointed it out to whitney. and we both gasped.

this man was clipping his nose hairs. right there in traffic. in his rearview mirror.

i mean, seriously...we've all seen car nose pickers and car makeup appliers.

but car nose hair trimmers? ew.

what is this world coming to?