hey my peeps
Wednesday, September 29 at 7:35 AM

i was sick yesterday. it sucked. i'll spare you all the details...but i did throw up. and i hate throwing up. can't remember the last time that happened before yesterday. but i got to the point where i was wishing/hoping/trying to throw up...anything to maybe feel better. and i did. okay, enough of that.

i watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind last night. finally. it was quite enjoyable. i'm getting really good at the movie-watching-by-myself thing. yeah. tonight is love actually.

i am still alive (just in case you were wondering)
Wednesday, September 22 at 11:51 AM

so, to catch you up...the atl trip didn't happen as planned. the hurricane craziness forced us to turn back about 20 minutes outside of atlanta. the weather was seriously bad and only getting worse. no sleeping at last. no tattoo. but still, fun times with shua and mcd. a tattoo trip will take place soon...and it won't involve the phrase "redneck goddess." i'll keep you updated.

in other news...incredibly awesome things are taking place around here. our youth weekend, THE INFERNO, was so good. lots of crazy times. people locking keys inside a 15 passenger van that was running...in the middle of a scavenger hunt-type deal. another worker "locking her keys in her car," spending half an hour trying to find a hanger and then getting a guy to help her try to get in the car...only to realize that the back window was down. what? that's funny. oh, and another leader hit one of our guy workers with a van (he wasn't hurt). a group bought a puppy and brought it back for the bigger/better challenge. uhhh, okay. lots more hilariousness went on-- you'll just have to take my word for it.

students and adults combined...101 people gave their lives to Christ at new spring this past weekend. dang. i'm so glad to be a part of a church where God is moving in a mighty way.

our band is sick/disgusting/whatever word conveys really, really, seriously talented and amazing. bring me to life was one of the most powerful moments i've experienced in worship. if you weren't there for it...you missed out. i can't really put it into words.

now that i've brought you up to speed on my life...you should do the same for me. go to the comments section and tell me about the awesome things going on with you. go. now. for real.

right now i am...
Wednesday, September 15 at 9:39 PM

*hating wal-mart. more than before. i didn't think it was possible to despise it any more than i already did...but i was wrong. if i never go there again, that will be completely fine by me. oh, well.

*looking forward to the trip to atl tomorrow. a little sleeping at last. a lot of time with two incredible people. and maybe even one tattoo.

*loving life. work. church. friends. Jesus. so good.

*thinking about a line from napoleon dynamite and laughing out loud. in the midst of complete silence...it's fun. your mom went to college. hahahahahahaha.

*wishing for someone to share this life with. sorry if that's mushy, or cheesy, or whatever. i don't care...it's how i feel.

okay, so...
Saturday, September 11 at 12:03 PM

i must apologize for the lack of posting recently. i have not been a very good blogger. but, there is a very good reason...maybe you can forgive me?

as most of you probably already know by now...i got a new job! i started this past monday as the student ministry assistant at new spring. that means i do all the administrative stuff for the youth programs. yes, it involves the youth ministry...yes, my title is student ministry assistant. i guess that makes me sound a little more professional and also old. (right hynes and anna?) but seriously, it is what's for awesome. totally an answer to prayer. i am so blessed. i could go on and on...but i'll stop there. just know that life is good.

unfortunately (i guess), the new job means there is a good chance you won't be reading posts from me nearly as often. it's really nice to be busy...in an enjoyable way. busy doing things i love. things that help make ministry happen. so, on those days when you visit and there is nothing new -- take comfort in knowing that i am probably doing something that in some small way affects students' lives for eternity. that way, you can't truly be disappointed...right?

i'm trying to think of other things to catch you up on...but i'm really not coming up with anything.

...except maybe the fact that friendships/relationships are always evolving in some way. you are either getting closer or growing farther apart...it's a natural part of life. friendships just go through seasons sometimes. i've always found that God knows who and what we need in our lives at certain times, even when we don't...and we usually don't.

Wednesday, September 1 at 2:49 PM

it continually amazes me how God answers prayers in the weirdest ways. and by "weirdest ways," i mean ways that i never would have imagined...that are totally about Him--not me. He blows my mind.

and i have had a no-mountain-dew-trying-to-stop-drinking-cokes headache all day...it's like i'm in withdrawal. what? who knew that just saying no to caffeine would be so hard? hopefully it will get easier. (i'm cheating and drinking a few sips of cherry coke to try and chase the headache away, since this is gonna be a long day...but i feel guilty. just wanted to confess.)